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From the Desk of Hillary Hart, New York.

Dear Friend,

Have you recently experienced a painful breakup, awful fight, or huge misunderstanding?

Has everything that seemed so perfect in your love life suddenly turned upside down?

Are you desperate for a second chance, but can’t seem to get through to your loved one?

Don’t worry, there is hope.

In fact, in the next five minutes you'll have everything you need to get your ex back in your life for good...

My name is Hillary Hart, and I’m about to tell you everything you need to know to repair any situation with your loved one. Maybe the two of you have just broken up, or are about to break up. Maybe there's been a huge fight, or your ex is with someone new now... it doesn’t matter: If you still have the love, then there is something you can do. You can fight for your love, you can make a difference and you can win back your beloved!

You can reclaim your love!

There is a way to heal the breach between you and win them back. As a couple, you will be stronger than ever, and I am going to show you exactly how to make this happen.

Whatever your situation, Fight for Love's "Getting Back Together" step by step system reveals exactly how to get your ex back, reignite the passion and commitment, and give you a love much stronger than ever before!

Many of the people I work with contact me just after a break up. They’re upset. They’re blaming themselves. They’re asking the endless set of “What if?” questions...

Is that you right now? Maybe you’ve just gone through an awful break up, or massive fight, embarrassed your loved one, or even had them walk out on you. I’m sure you’re upset – who wouldn’t be?

And do you know what?

You should be upset!!

I’m not saying it’s your fault, as it’s usually both people’s fault to some degree, but it’s normal, even useful, to feel devastated...


Well, if you care that deeply, you KNOW that you have to fight for love!

Love is a rare and precious gift. Most of us only have one chance at true love in our lifetime. So if you’ve met the love of your life, but something has gone wrong, you have to fight for love!

And the Fight for Love manual will show you exactly what you need to do. Whatever the situation, we’ll show you how to repair any situation and find yourself crazily back in love before you know it.

Believe it or not, it’s actually incredibly easy to regain control of a situation! Often, you just need someone’s expert and impartial advice to help you break the cycle of distrust or hurt.

And the Fight for Love guide contains all this information. The best strategies to fix any love-related situation have been carefully compiled, evaluated and critiqued, and you can be sure that we have the best, most useful and accessible strategies you could possibly ask for.

Whatever you desire – whether it’s saving your marriage, revitalizing your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend, winning back someone’s trust, or allowing yourself to give someone a second chance...

We will give you the best strategies and secrets that have saved thousands of relationships all over the world!

And Expose the Step by Step System for Getting Back With Your Ex Lover, and Tell You Exactly How to Repair and Reinvigorate Your Relationship!

It’s time to reclaim your joy as a lover, rediscover the passion in your life, and fight for the love in your life!

We guarantee you will find success with this program. Its strategies and techniques are sourced from the best professional counselors, love gurus, and personal coaches available. The methods you will find in the Fight for Love manual are unparalleled and will have you running back into the arms of your lover!

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"We are Back Together and the SPARK is BACK... THANKYOU!"
Simon Morrison
Fight For Love Members

Let me just say that your program is awesome. I was having a lot of trouble getting through to my girlfriend over the last few months, and eventually she asked for a “break”. We all know what that means! I knew a break UP was on the horizon and I knew I had to act fast. So I discovered your program when I was searching for some answers or strategies, and I have to say, the Fight for Love manual was EXACTLY what I needed! what was going on.

I made particular use of the Power Phrases, and they really were unbelievably effective when it came to making my feelings known! My girlfriend couldn’t ignore the strength of my love, and promises for the future, and we got back together. It’s been several weeks of bliss now, and there are just no words to tell you how happy we are.

Thanks Hillary!

"We were back together 3 days after implementing your strategies... We are now Engaged!!!"
fight for love
Sally-Ann and Peter
Seattle, USA

'Fight for love' is now my gospel, after all i've experienced and all the guidance it has provided over the past year! My story is that my boyfriend had to move overseas for an amazing promotion. I couldn't go with him, even though i knew i would miss him terribly! At first we planned on the "safe" option - to keep it low-key and noncommital. He left, and i bawled on the couch for weeks!

As i tried to get my life back on track, i came across your treasure of a guide, 'Fight for Love', and realised what we had been doing wrong all this time! I then took action, and within a month we were back, living in the same country, sharing a brand new apartment, and madly in love. Oh, and my boyfriend is now my fiance! So thank you so, so much! Our life together is better than ever before! We will always be grateful that we stumbled across Fight for Love!

The "Fight For Love" Acclaimed Strategical system for Getting Your Ex Back:

The "Fight For Love" team has developed an incredible scientific system for recognizing your "damage points" and identifying what needs to be done to address them. You will be able to discover what is missing in your relationship, what is causing the problems and misunderstandings, and what you will need to do to prove to your ex that he or she is not complete with out you. This strategic system ensures that no-one is left confused or in the dark!

The Official "Fight For Love" Step-by-Step Love Guide:

The Fight for Love manual contains complete step-by-step instructions on how to get your spouse or loved one back in your life again and make your relationship stronger than ever. This book includes expert strategic advice applicable to any stage in any relationship! This book is so powerful and detailed, it doesn't matter what has happened in the past, for you will become an expert in relationships and you will gain control of your love life.

Uncover how to get your ex back via audio instruction. Easily applied, this is the best way to pick up these brilliant tactics which will make you a master at relationships in a matter of hours!

Powerful Psychological Triggers & Seductive Phrases!

Are you ready for the best love phrases and terms ever? This section is completely bursting with beautiful and heartwarming phrases that could melt the coldest heart. Whether you need to ask for a second chance, explain how you feel, or show the strength of your love to people who oppose it, these phrases will enable you to convey the wonder and strength of your love. Your lover or ex will be back in your arms with tears of joy in their eyes after they hear how you really feel!
101 ways to mess up everything!

Now this is important – learn what NOT to do!! So many relationships fail because simple actions were either omitted, or basic promises violated. There really are so many little things you can do to keep your relationship strong and healthy! So don’t fall into the trap of making some fatal error: Discover the secrets that will be sure to keep you out of those "danger" zones that have landed you in trouble in the past.

Relationship Salvager!

If you have already broken up with your spouse it is not too late, thanks to our Relationship Salvager system! There are still ways to win them back, and you will learn them right here. Even in situations when they’ve moved on to a new lover, or there are kids involved, you can still do something. Discover these love salvaging secrets here and win back your soul mate.
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Just broke up because you weren't getting along.
Still together, your spouse is cheating.
Still together, your spouse is becoming unattractive.
Still together, fights have driven you and your spouse apart.
Separated, Your spouse is dating someone else.
Separated, your spouse left you for another person & you want them back.
Broken up, and your spouse is dating one of your good friends.
Together, but your spouse keeps leaving you for someone else.
Together, but your spouse does not let you sleep in the same bed with them.
Together, you have to many differences because of a new job.
Together, you have to many differences because of a child.
Together but one person has a terminal disease.
Separated but your spouse won't ever make time for a date.
Together but you fight all the time about money.
Separated and you fight all the time about money.
Separated and you fight all the time.
Together and you fight all the time.
In-laws make your life a living hell.
You and your spouse are broke.
You and your spouse have legal problems.
You were sentenced to prison for ten years.
Long distance relationship.
Living a double life.
Still together, your spouse is abusive.
get back with your ex

Alastair Jones
I just have to say THANK YOU! Again and again and again! The Fight for Love manual has completely changed my life, my outlook, and my relationship with my wife.

Until just one month ago, my wife and I were fighting A LOT. The arguments were just about stupid trivial things really, but things were getting totally out of control. It was awful. I knew that something else was going on, but it wasn’t until I discovered the Fight for Love course that I truly understood what was going on.

With the guidance of the techniques and steps contained in the manual, I realized that she was feeling angry and resentful about my slackness and “couch potato” like behavior. She works hard to keep herself fit and attractive, and she was feeling really upset that I seemed to be letting myself go. Fight for Love showed me how to deal with this situation, show her I was listening, that I did care and that I was still attracted to her. Things between us are now stronger than they ever were before. I can’t thank you enough. You’ve really showed me how to appreciate my wife and our relationship. God bless!


dont break up

Ty and Maddy

Fight for Love Members

Hi Hillary,

We’d just love to share with you the amazing journey we’ve had together as a couple, with a few ups and downs and a LOT of help from Fight for Love. One of the biggest challenges is not being your “typical” couple. We met at College, and it was definitely love at first a sight. But each of us met with a fair bit of opposition from friends and family. People mean well, but then they let their prejudices get in the way. It made things harder for us, and things got pretty tense between us sometimes.

But then things really changed for us when we discovered Fight for Love. Your “power phrases” were unbelievable, and helped us deal with any awkward situation or rude person! Your tips and strategies helped us to communicate with honesty and integrity, and fight the intolerance around us.

With the secrets contained in Fight for Love, we were able to establish our love as completely unassailable, as strong and real and true. Now our parents have accepted us, and given us their blessing for our engagement.

Thank you so much! The changes you have helped make have meant to world to us!


fight for love

Luke Samuels & Nadia Jones
Fight For Love Members

Hey Hillary,
Wow, Fight for Love was awesome! My girlfriend and I were in deep trouble, as we were constantly arguing over any tiny, stupid thing, and constantly trying to gain the upper hand over each other. it was awful, and we were both miserable. It was like we had lost all perspective... Enter Fight for Love! A colleague of mine at work actually mentioned it, and when I chased it up I was amazed by its relevance to my life, and the lives of a lot of my friends and family.

Your course provided us with foolproof strategies to help get our relationship back in order, and thanks to you, we found that spark again. I am just so happy to have that sparkle back in our eyes, in our hearts!
Our lives are both back on track, and we are loving our relationship... THANK YOU Hillary! Oh, and here is a recent photo of the two of us!


There is NO OTHER system as powerful and life-changing as Fight for Love! This is your chance to secure your access to this amazing system, and make sure your love life remains as strong and as beautiful as it ever was!

If things are tough, Fight for Love will show you how to repair the damage.

If you’ve broken up with your lover, there is a way to get them back into your arms!

If you are struggling to move on, or "get over an ex lover", Fight For Love has the step-by-step action plan at your fingertips.

This system is dynamic, complete, and can be personally tailored and implemented to suit your situation. So secure your access now – and remember:

Your access to the member’s area is as life-long as the love in your heart!


It's time... To order this system, and start to reclaim your love, just press the join button below, and get instant access.

Even if it’s 2am, and you’re wide awake trying to figure out how to win your lover back, you can get access to this amazing system NOW!

That's right, I won't leave you waiting! So, get started right now, as the time to make your life a little brighter has arrived... just click below to get everything below right now:


True love is priceless, so what price could you place on the means to win it back?

We guarantee that this system will show you the way to win back your true love! That’s the best gift anyone could ever receive.

The value of this program is unparalleled. The cost is so little, the gain you will get – true love – is so great!

Normally $99.95

Special Price TODAY ONLY




get back together

Frank and Vera

Fight for Love Members

When the kids left home, things seemed to fall apart between us. I think we both felt pretty lost, and I know my wife felt like her main role had gone. I didn’t pay enough attention to notice how distressed she was feeling, and things hit rock-bottom when she left me one day to go live with her sister. That’s when I knew I had to do something - I couldn’t lose this lovely, beautiful woman who was my best friend and my lover!

Thankfully, a friend put me on the Fight for Love program, and I quickly leanrt what my “Danger zones” were. I discovered that I wasn’t doing a lot of the little things I used to do, and was taking my wife for granted. Using a combination of the strategies and power phrases in Fight for Love, I was able to convey my true feelings to my dearest wife, and when I asked her to move back home, she said “Yes”!

We are renewing our wedding vows this Fall.

Thanks again, you’ve reinvigorated our love life!


Whatever you now decide to do, I wish you the best of luck.

Love is such a tricky part of life, I truly hope you get it right.

For your benefit, I hope to see you in the "Fight For Love" members area, as I just know it will help you get back on the path to love!

Because really, when it comes to love, there are only two options:

The first, which my grandmother always used to tell me... "It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all"...

You can remember that, and let the comfort of past memories warm you at night.


The second option, in the true spirit of my program, you can... FIGHT FOR LOVE!

I know you'll make the right choice....

Best wishes,

PS If you are still unsure, maybe Lucy's story below is the inspiration you need to take action. Love is so precious, and Lucy knew it was worth fighting for... here is Lucy's real life experience:

"We were on the rocks, BUT Fight for Love honestly changed everything! There was a situation where Matthew had cheated on me with one of my closest friends, and it felt like we could never get past it.

When we discovered your manual though, we realized that things didn’t have to end. The love never went away, but the trust had gone thanks to your amazing strategies and tips we’ve got it back though. We’re communicating better than we even have before, and it feels like nothing could ever tear us apart again!

We are just so happy, so proud of ourselves for fighting for what we had, and so grateful that we found the Fight for Love program. It was just the wake-up call we needed! We’re now engaged, and the future is bright!"

Lucy and Matthew


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